The cost of IVF or other fertility treatments can vary from one fertility clinic in Phoenix to another. Prospective patients should be prepared that IVF or related treatments may not be covered by their health insurance plan.  One should make it a point to find out which types of treatment might be covered by insurance, and if the clinic in they are considering for treatment ahs payment plans available.  Patients should also look to see if a particular center offers special “cash” discounts or discounts for military.  Make sure to enquire as to if the particular clinic you are  considering offers financing or payment plans that may make certain types of treatment more affordable, so you know which options are open to you.

It is important to not let the fear of potentially cost prohibitive treatments discourage you from seeking out help as soon as you feel a fertility issue is present, as many women can achieve a successful pregnancy without the need for expensive treatments such as IVF.  So called physician directed “low-tech” options often are all couples need to get pregnant; in fact depending on the clinic you select, you might be surprised to find out that a majority of patients are successful without ever needing in vitro fertilization.